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Data space initiatives

Various data space initiatives have been initiated over the years: 

  • The Data Spaces Support Centre, as described in the Digital Europe Programme, operates a Support Centre to operationalize the European Strategy for Data. This Data Spaces Support Centre facilitates common data spaces that collectively create an interoperable data sharing environment, to enable data reuse and secondary use within and across sectors, fully respecting EU values, and contributing to the European economy and society.

  • Gaia-X aims to to create a decentralized data infrastructure that allows for greater control over data by individuals and organizations. It aims to provide a secure, sovereign, and interoperable data infrastructure that is open to all, while also promoting innovation and economic growth. The project is being developed by a consortium of organizations from across the EU, and is intended to serve as a foundation for a range of digital services and applications.

  • The IDSA (International Data Space Association) is an international, neutral, and independent organization that promotes the use of a secure, decentralized data sharing infrastructure. IDSA is focused on creating an open, interoperable, and sovereign data space that allows companies and organizations to share and use data in a transparent, secure and trustworthy way. 

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