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The goals of the Belgian Data Spaces Alliance (BDSA) are to create awareness about Data Spaces and to promote/support Data Space participation  in the private, public and research eco-systems in Belgium.  We will achieve this by connecting with European actors, projects, and stakeholders, as well as facilitating the creation of local Belgian Data Space implementations. The BDSA does not undertake any projects on its own, in order to maintain a neutral position that can be trusted by all actors in the various ecosystems with which it interacts. The main objectives include:

  1.  Europe to Belgium: Allow EU-level developments to become available to the Belgian data economy 

  2.  Belgium to Europe: Represent Belgian stakeholders in different European Data Spaces related associations and ensure that Belgian organisations can participate in the EU Data Spaces

  3. Belgian uptake: Stimulate local data ecosystems to join existing Data Spaces projects or to initiate local Data Space projects in line with EU standards and initiative

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